Welcome to Naan & Beyond

Naan & Beyond is an Indian Fast Food restaurant fulfilling the appetite of taste lovers in Washington DC. Our authentic Indian spices blended with the culinary art of west makes a perfect combo of taste, convenience and health. You will start enjoying our Tikkas as soon as you inhale its aroma and will not be ready to stop eating even after fulfilling your stomach.

Booming at lunch, this small restaurant dishes up adapted versions of Indian classics. As its name suggests, Indian naan bread accompanies nearly every item on the menu. Tikka sandwiches, the most popular items, include chicken, lamb, shrimp and veggie varieties. The same tikka fillings are also available on an over-dressed Caesar salad.

Obama's Visit @ Naan and Beyond

This is one of those places that you eat if you work in the area or just passing by and need a bite; not a must visit place for tourists. It's like a Chiptole style restaurant where they wrap it up like a burrito, something I been waiting to open up myself.

Brandon T. Luong